Transformation is a change of state that happens within you.

Each of us is looking for a transformation within, a shift to bring us closer to who we really are. This is your time to find the guidance, the wisdom and the story that will help you become the person you desire and aspire to be.

The Transformation Within Summit is a free 3-day virtual event featuring speakers from all over the world, who each have their own unique wisdom and special story to share. Their voice and ideas will be there to add to the unique being that you are and the phase of life that you are in — bringing you closer to your own transformation.

3 Days. 20+ Transformational Speakers

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How the Summit Works

Transformation is waiting for you. 

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While you're waiting begin your transformative journey by learning more about the Summit Speakers below.


Meet Our Speakers

Amy Vasterling

Public Speaker | Author | Intuitive

Andrea Blindt

RN | Holistic Health Practitioner | Life & Mindset Coach | Author

Andrea Owen

Keynote Speaker | Author | Life Coach | Podcaster


Ariane Olshansky, CPC, MIM

Coach | Intuition Medicine Practitioner | Author


Brian L. Thomas

Financial Literacy Speaker | Author | Mentor 

Cathy King

Sustainability Expert | Speaker | Writer | Professional Organizer

Dawn Mattera Corsi

Certified Coach | Motivational Speaker | Best-Selling Author


Debbie Zita

Author | Meditation Guide | Holistic Business & Personal Coach for Women

Dene Logan

Seeker | Facilitator | Author | Podcaster | Speaker


Erin Latterell Burk

Photographer | Speaker

Francinne O'Rourke

Author | ADHD & Mindset Coach

Germine Gavazov

Faith-based Mindset Coach | Author

Graham G. Wheatcroft

Personal Trainer | Author 


Greg Spector

Author | Speaker

Jess Bubbico

Author | Speaker | Guide

Joey Ruffalo

Money Mindset, Financial Coach | Author

Kamil Shah

Author | Podcaster | Success Coach

Milly Murillo

 Intuitive Astrologer | Spiritual Coach | Podcast host

Philipp Hanf

Author | Speaker 

Rachel Jackson

Intuitive Success Coach | Podcast Host


Susan & Martin Fisher

Co-Founders of Body of 9 | Pioneers in the 9 study and research Natural Numbers

Dr. Tamara Weinstein

Doctor of Physical Therapy | Clinical Nutritionist


Uzma Naqvi

Holistic Transformation Life Coach | Author | Speaker

Meet Your Host

Dr. Tina Tickler Welsome DPT

Tina is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and a Health & Wellness coach who integrates human development, personality, growth, and healing with the heart, mind, spirit, and body to holistically guide you on your own transformative healing journey. 

She is the author of  LOVE(d), an international bestselling book about the key to unlocking your true potential to create and live an authentic life you love.

"You are the courageous author holding the pen to edit, rewrite, and turn the page in the story of your healthier and more joyous life."

What You Will Experience

This Summit is designed to connect heart-centered, like-minded people like you through shared experience, and words of wisdom. Be inspired, learn, and spark the flames of your transformation!

🦋  Attain a shift in your mindset, your emotional state and discover a deeper connection with your soul purpose.

🦋  Gain tools and valuable resources on how to find and apply new ways of managing your time, energy, and money. 

🦋  Listen to live speakers from all over the world sharing their personal stories and guidance.

🦋  Time for Q&A with the speakers.

🦋  A day of integration following the Summit to bring it all together.

Register now for the Transformation Within Summit!