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Unlock the truest version of yourself. 

Coaching and Publishing to

Help You Rewrite Your Authentic Story

to Live a Life You Love.

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If you’re looking for information, knowledge, inspiration, motivation, accountability and the skills to empower you to reach your full potential, I’m here to help you on this path of self-exploration and ultimate success.

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I'll meet you where you are and will help you rediscover and tune-in to the the deep wisdom and guidance of your heart, mind, body and soul.



What happens when a bestselling author opens a publishing company?


Find out how to become a bestselling author in a multi-author book. 

Or - get the support you need to publish your own solo book! 

I can't wait to connect with you!

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Tina is like talking to your best friend about your dreams and turning them into reality. She helps you get past your blocks and find what makes your heart flutter. She’s awesome! And a fetching genius!

- Kelly Joy Baker Rollins

Dr. Tina Welsome may have been a physical therapist and professor, but her real gifts are energy healer and connector for our life. Her talents come so naturally that she takes them for granted. We all benefit from her gifts of holding space and allowing us to explore what life would be like if we were able to add different pillars of wellness into the daily practice of life. You are doing yourself a favor by allowing her to help you find your own, personal KEYS to wellness.

- Erin Fitzgerald

Tina is WONDERFUL. She’s kind, she’s genuine, and most of all she’s relatable. I love how simply she was able to teach me and offer advice in a holistic way regarding the 8 keys of wellness. I didn’t feel rigid or like anything else I had ever heard or been taught before. It felt like coming home to my truest self in a healthy, honest way.

- Hannah Blunk

- Hannah Blunk

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Meet Tina

Coach, Author, Publisher

Hi there!

I’m Tina, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Holistic Life and Wellness Coach, host of The Key To Wellness Podcast and International Bestselling Author and Publisher, as well as the proud mama of three amazing boys. I know exactly what it's like to be so swept up by life that you forget who you are and what you’re doing it all for. I had to go back for my authentic self and rediscover her desires and what brought her joy.  I found that life is so much better lived this way...and I want to support you on your journey to transform your one precious life into a life your heart truly desires!


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We support HER

The Key Publishing House is a proud supporter of Elimu Girls.  

Book proceeds from our most recent titles have gone to sponsor a girl for her two year sewing program.

Elimu Girls is committed to providing opportunities to these incredible young women and we are committed to supporting this good work. 

Click below for more details of how you can help.

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