The 8 Keys to Unlocking a Creative Life that is Uniquely You! 💗🗝

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I’ve had so many conversations lately about how professionals ‘treat’ a client or a patient. Many people are frustrated or dissatisfied with the care they have gotten and ask about how my approach is different. I’ve shared with them that my approach is simple - I treat the person as a whole human being. I tell my clients, friends, family, and colleagues that when you want to live a life that is uniquely yours, the Key is You!


In my own life and in my practice I apply my 8 Keys to Wellness system. Each one of these keys has an impact on your experiences, your growth, your healing, and on your overall health and well-being. 


The 8 Keys to integrate are: 

  1. Your Heart
  2. Your Mind
  3. Your Body
  4. Your Soul
  5. Your Relationship to Self and with Others
  6. Your Purpose & Passion
  7. Your Environment
  8. Your Resources (Time, Energy and Finances)


Each one of The 8 Keys represents an element of you, and understanding your well-being in each of these areas will empower you to reveal your own life story and discover unconsidered possibilities, remove barriers to your success, and unlock your full potential to live a creative life you love. A life that is uniquely and authentically yours. There is not a one size fits all answer, cure, or system. The key to your authentic life is YOU!


Take a moment to imagine you - the very BEST version of YOU -  living authentically, healthy, loved, and well. Now take that vision and consider yourself in relation to each of The 8 Keys listed above. Journal on it, talk it through with someone or simply spend some time with your thoughts. This is a great place to start. If you are ready to explore The 8 Keys at a deeper level, book a discovery call. On this free call, we’ll talk about where you are in your life, relationships, or business and where you'd like to grow. Whether you're interested in coaching or publishing, we'll chart a path forward that feels like your next right step. Head over here to book your call.

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