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Unlocking Your Path to Publication

The Key Publishing House

Do you dream of becoming a published author "someday", but don't think you have the time to commit, are afraid you're not a good enough writer or are bewildered by the publishing process? 

As experts who have helped authors just like you, we already know you have what it takes! 

Choose Your Path to Publication.

Multi-Author Books

Get done-for-you book creation, publication and bestseller status.

When you sign up to write a chapter in one of our multi-author books, you get to share your story and enjoy the benefits of being published in a bestselling book. 

This program automatically provides you with group coaching to help you through the writing process, professional editing, book cover design and book promotion.

Plus you'll make amazing connections with and gather support from the other writers collaborating on your book project.

Publishing in a multi-author book can transform your life and business by:

Enhancing your credibility in your field.

Gaining increased exposure for your business.

Attracting publicity, speaking opportunities and new clients.

Helping you feel seen, heard and valued.

Making your dream of becoming a published author into a reality.

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It's Time to Share Your Story!

Learn More
about our current titles

This Opportunity Provides You with Space to...

  • share your story, wisdom, and experience

  • be seen, heard and valued

  • Be supported and learn with and from an amazing collaborative group of your peers where you get to transform and expand 

  • establish expert credibility in your field

  • gain increased exposure for your business

  • realize your dream of becoming a published author

  • ...and support a life-altering charity ElimuGirls where we help young women gain a voice, a choice and a bank account!!

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Upcoming Multi-Author Publishing Opportunities

The Next Best Step: Rising from Addiction

Empowered Healing: Methods from Healers for Your Heart, Mind, Body & Soul 

Taking a Stand For the And: Having it all and refusing to settle for less

Parenting:  The Pain & Pleasure of Raising Our Children

Soul Nourishing Conversations: Shared Stories of Human Connection and What Truly Matters 

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Solo Books

Whether you have a completed manuscript or just a seed of an idea you want to grow, we offer custom publishing packages with individualized support.

Writing Classes - Workshops - Retreats


Write Your Story to Change Your Life

Whether or not your choose to publish your story, the process of writing stories from your past can be incredibly healing and transformative. I can't tell you how many authors have been surprised by the catharsis that came from the simple process of putting their past on paper. 


Answering the Call -

How to go From Aspiring Writer to

Published Author

(90 - 120 min)

Maybe you want to write and publish, but you aren't sure how and "where to put your words".

This introductory workshop is designed to help you clarify what kinds of stories you want to tell and how to find the best places to publish your stories to maximize your success. You'll also learn what publication can do for your life and business (it's pretty awesome!). This class will provide you with in-depth, behind-the-scenes information to inform your author journey. 

Class fee: $97


Explore Your Story -

Write Your Story to Change Your Life

(90 min x 8 weeks)

Explore Your Story is a workshop designed to help you mine your life for the moments (both large and small) that have made you who you are. You'll be guided through a simple writing process and will likely be surprised at what you discover about yourself. This interactive workshop walks you through the process of selecting a great story idea and writing it as a complete chapter. It's up to you if you'd like to publish your work in one of our multi-author books or if you'd like to repeat the process to write a solo book! This class also includes a private Facebook group where you'll be able to swap drafts with your classmates and brainstorm together. 

Class fee: $997

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